Official Betting

Official betting is sports wagering on games that have been designated as an officially sanctioned and regulated event by the state or league governing body. This type of wagering typically takes place at licensed sportsbooks in states with legalized sports betting.

The Supreme Court eventually ruled that individual states have the right to regulate sports gambling within their borders, which prompted several states to jump into the new industry. By 2022, Kansas had legalized sports betting through a series of online and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. As of May, the state has a total of eight legal sportsbooks that offer retail, mobile and online sports betting.

In general, all bets are paid out based on the final result as outlined by governing bodies, with exceptions that include non-runners and voids. This is also the case for markets that are postponed and rescheduled, so long as the new event takes place within 24 hours of the original start time.

For example, field goal attempts that fail to make the mark are not considered missed and bets on missed goals will roll over into the next attempt. However, a successful field goal will be paid out.

In addition to a full selection of traditional bets, many MA sportsbooks offer an extensive collection of props. These are bets based on specific statistics or events and often come with a higher payout if won. Props are a great way to add excitement and variety to your bets.