Official Betting in Sports

Official betting is when a person puts money on an outcome of a game and gets paid if the event occurs. It can be done online, in person or via telephone. It includes placing bets on the winner of a game, on a specific score or combining multiple outcomes in a parlay. It can be on individual players or entire teams. It can also include prop bets like the total number of points scored, how many field goals will be made or whether a certain player will hit a home run.

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that overturned a federal ban on sports betting, state governments have set their own policies. Colorado, for example, launched legal betting in 2021, with multiple operators offering online sportsbooks. However, bets on in-state collegiate games and events are prohibited.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has embraced sports betting and has signed sponsorship agreements with William Hill and MGM Resorts International, giving his league the opportunity to monitor and analyze data on wagering patterns. The NHL has also partnered with DraftKings, which has an online sportsbook in several states.

The NFL’s stance was that legalized sports betting would lead to more attempts at fixing — compromising games for gambling purposes. But the NFL has since changed its position and is now working with bookmakers to ensure that games are played fairly. In addition to the NFL’s internal monitoring and investigations, the league works with regulators, sportsbooks and independent integrity monitors to identify any potential violations.