Official Betting in Sports

In an attempt to keep its audiences engaged with betting, the NFL is working with sports betting companies to infuse its broadcasts with gambling content. The NFL expects this arrangement to generate $270 million in revenue this year. Until then, however, it hasn’t officially designated its betting partners. However, it has given sportsbooks access to data it otherwise wouldn’t give out.

Before official betting can take place, sportsbooks must meet certain criteria. For instance, in the case of baseball games, if a game is postponed or cancelled, the sportsbooks must be able to reschedule the game within 36 hours. Also, if the home team wins a game, the bet must become official after 5 innings of play, or after 4.5 innings if the home team is ahead.

Other sports leagues are also looking to partner with gambling companies. The Australian Football League has partnered with Crownbet as its official wagering partner, while nine of the 20 English Premier League teams had agreements with gaming companies last season. In the NBA, betting companies were banned until recently, but they are now allowed to partner with teams.

In Arizona, sports betting is available at several retail locations and online. Several legal sportsbooks offer mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The number of licenses for sports betting companies is lower than in other states, with only 20 operators operating in the state. Ensure the sportsbook you choose is licensed and offers an attractive promotional scheme.